German Gambling Halls Are in Danger

Numerous German gambling halls and casinos are under the threat of losing their licenses soon. Such danger emerged as in two months – in January 2017 – more strict gambling rules will be implemented all over Germany.

Currently, German gambling operators abide by the law which was enacted in 2012. But now the 5-year transitional period is almost over, and the new gambling laws are supposed to be implemented. For a considerable amount of time German gambling facilities (which are also known as “arcades”) have been operating under the conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity. According to European Court of Justice, German gambling regulations are not compliant with the EU gambling laws and something has to be done to eliminate this discrepancy and to make German laws consistent with the rest of the European Union.

According to Georg Stecker, the spokesperson of the German gaming industry board, Berlin has already started implementing the new rules. There is one main condition under which new licenses are issued: the casino has to be at least 500 meters away from the similar venue. Hence, due to this rule, numerous gambling venues all over Germany are under the threat of closure.
At the same time Marlene Mortler, Drug Commissioner for the Federal Government, thinks that new regulations have to be implemented as soon as possible as certain legal vacuums can be observed now and such legal loopholes make it harder to combat social ills. Mortler insists that playing slot machines, poker and any other games of chance should be treated as gambling addiction which is not different from any other type of addiction.